Inquiry Based Approach

The Inquiry-Based Approach within Early Childhood Education…

Our ECE curriculum requires us to prioritise the support of children’s developing working theories.

Children need the skills to inquire, theories, collaborate, and problem-solve. Implementing an inquiry-based project approach curriculum ensures that we have a balance between being child-led and teacher-directed.

Creating opportunities for children to engage in long-term explorations or projects of interest and relevance, based on their real questions and problems, is a meaningful way to design

The workshop will:

  • Help you discover the difference between a unit/topic study and an inquiry project
  • support you to identify and build upon a potential project.
  • explore strategies and skills for facilitating children’s learning through the inquiry.
  • discuss how to document the learning and teaching

Our Terms & Conditions…

  • Each workshop costs: the amount specified +GST
  • Forward Professional Development reserves the right to cancel workshops a week prior to the scheduled date if there is an insufficient registration number
  • There will be a 10% administration fee for any cancellation
  • No refunds with cancellations within 24 hours of workshop
  • Forward Professional Development may, on occasion, have to cancel or reschedule a workshop due to adverse weather, low registration numbers or other factors. We will endeavour to provide as much advance notice of a change as is possible, but we cannot accept responsibility for staff time, backfilling positions, or travel associated expenses to/from the venue.

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