Literacy And Numeracy in ECE

Literacy and Numeracy in ECE…

We deliver a practical and visual literacy-maths workshop placing maths concepts and early literacy skills into familiar contexts that young children can relate to. The workshop highlights the importance of using maths dialogue and acknowledges how maths communication skills can be developed by connecting to literacy and other areas including science and the arts.

Participants will explore:

  • What emergent, early literacy looks like, sounds like, feels like
  • Concepts about print and the value of sharing books
  • The importance of daily oral language and language experiences to develop our children’s speaking, listening and questioning skills
  • Developing and building on the foundation skills; memory, visual, auditory, fine and gross motor skills where literacy and maths activities align
  • Sharing ideas around different literacy and maths approaches
  • Maths and literacy activities and games
  • Visual resources, props, equipment and tools
  • The joy of using a programme such as “Jolly Phonics” within an ECE setting.

Our Terms & Conditions…

  • Each workshop costs: the amount specified +GST
  • Forward Professional Development reserves the right to cancel workshops a week prior to the scheduled date if there is an insufficient registration number
  • There will be a 10% administration fee for any cancellation
  • No refunds with cancellations within 24 hours of workshop
  • Forward Professional Development may, on occasion, have to cancel or reschedule a workshop due to adverse weather, low registration numbers or other factors. We will endeavour to provide as much advance notice of a change as is possible, but we cannot accept responsibility for staff time, backfilling positions, or travel associated expenses to/from the venue.

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